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Welcome to Racing Rivals Classified - home of the first Racing Rivals hack.

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Why choose us?

The Confidence

Unlike any other racing rivals hack, we don't make our users download a program that could potentially be infected/backdoored by malware. We also don't redirect our users to any spammy ad-network websites. You can trust Racing Rivals Classified to be your number one source for RRC and Gems in the racing rivals community.


Many other websites claim to be 100% secure, with fake accreditation and vouches from sources that would otherwise deny these entities. None of them have an AES 256 Bit https encryption; we take much pride in our security here at Racing Rivals Classified. You can trust in us to ensure your information is absolutely safe when browsing our website.

Quickness & Flexibility

We're the first racing rival hack to introduce mobile website optimization. Our websites landscape is dynamically adjustable - per the screen size of the viewing device. We've also optimized most of our contents data size, to ensure those who are on slower networks have the ability to view our website in the snappy way it is on faster networks.

Game Trailer & Information

Racing Rivals is a drag racing game developed by Cie Games but bought out by Glu in the year of 2014. It goes to show why simplicity is the most attractive variable when downloading an iOS or Android game - this game has simple written all over over it. Yet it still attains a generous amount of users month by month. This game isn't designed for everybody, especially those who aren't willing to take risks. If you're not used to adrenaline coursing through your veins every time you pink off your car and race an equally worthy opponent, then I highly suggest you delete this app from your phone immediately and stick to Candy Crush.

Racing Rivals was and is still one of the most popular multiplayer driving games in the app store. Hence, it was developed by the geniuses at Cie Games and bought out by an even bigger application developing franchise (Glu). All of us at Racing Rivals Classified have been playing Racing Rivals for a total of two years. And we all agree, this is just the beginning. We have heard rumor that Racing Rivals will be receiving a very large update in the next year or so, which could affect many players using modded applications. Which is why we developed an out-of-game Racing Rivals Hack.

How does this hack work?

This is the first Racing Rivals Hack of it's kind. Unlike most Racing Rivals hacks, this isn't integrated into your game installation. In no way do we use your device or account to inject data into the game, which ensures your accounts safety, not to mention the longevity of this hack. Our websites front end is unique and sleek, but it doesn't show what happens behind the scenes. Our GUI communicates with our websites back-end, which is what ultimately operates the hack.

The hack consists of something called SQL Injection. Essentially, all we're doing is injecting data into a database by querying whatever values you select, therefor changing the values within your game. Although this is a very uncomplicated explanation, we can assure you, it's not as simple as it sounds. The best part about our hack is that we're not modifying live game data, we're changing values in a database. Whatever values are changed cannot be detected, because the systems they currently have in place can only detect live game data changes. Which is great news for those who use our website on a basis.

Our hack is permanent. It cannot cause your account to become permanently banned. We've gone through extensive tests to ensure the safety of our users - you can be confident in our websites ability to provide you with one of the leading Racing Rivals Hack out there!


When I came across this website, it was on a Facebook Racing Rivals group. Although I was asked to write this review, I can assure you....This works! This has helped my YouTube channel tremendously. Thank you.

Victor McKenna

iOS Racing Rivals User

i cant thank you guys enough for this hack its awesome.. all i had to do was go to the website and enter my username and how much i wanted to get and boooooom. ty guys!!!

Joe Provenzano

iOS Racing Rivals User

Well this is not the first racing rivals hack I've used. Although this is the first one thats not gotten me banned. And for that I am grateful. I cannot thank you guys enough for the rrc and gems you've provided me with!

Matt Villani

Android Racing Rivals User


How long will this hack last?

We've been in this business for several years. You can assume, it'll be working indefinitely.

What if I run into a traffic roadblock?

Many people have tried to abuse our website by reselling RRC & Gems on eBay or websites similar to it. If you find yourself in a roadblock, please verify that you're human and not a program/bot.

How long will this hack take?

The hack itself is almost instant. Although, it could take your device up to a few hours to register the RRC/Gems. You find similar results when buying RRC/Gems at times.