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HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. Yeah, that’s right, I said HOLD IT. Hold that mouse of yours before it goes clicking elsewhere, stop tapping on that keyboard and HOLD IT.

Now, before I receive threats in my email telling me that I’m not allowed to hold a person against their will, let me just say this. You’re here to find an APK mod, right? You’re also here to see if you can find a reputable source to obtain Gems and RRC without having to pay a dime, right? So before you start typing that email subject out let me get this point to the side – YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

For those that decide to email me just for teh lulz, I highly suggest you do so at titled “Butterfinger”. Because you my friends are going to have very buttery fingers when I tell you why I so urgently suggested you’d stay on this page.

So, I’m not sure if you’ve read my last post regarding APK/IPA mods and how they’re generally something you should avoid. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you take a read. For those that haven’t or decide that it’s completely irrelevant to their goal and they just want to use any kind of working hack for racing rivals, not to worry, we’ve got you covered.


For those that decide they want to read this little article a bit more thoroughly before jumping onto something they’re not completely familiar with, then continue reading, because this is going to go from a suggestive article to a short story.

So several weeks back I spoke to a user who is a part of our Facebook Group and claimed to had gotten banned by Racing Rivals for using an APK mod she had unintentionally played with. Now, I know what you’re thinking. ” How could she unintentionally play with an APK mod?” I will not lie, I thought the same exact thing. However, she had been playing on a siblings phone which had one of the most popular and current “Racing Rivals Unlimited Money and Gems APK” mods on the market. According to her brother, he had paid for this mod and claimed that the user who had sold it to him guaranteed that he wouldn’t be banned. She came to us for assistance, asking if there was any way we could unban her from the servers using our connections and whatnot. However, we were unable to.

Just recently, Racing Rivals has implemented a live-ban technology, something that constantly checks a banlist of user ID’s against those who are attempting to log into their accounts. Somehow, this banlist is persistent. Meaning, even if there’s a change made on the server side banlist, the user will be added back into this list almost minutes after removing the specified user. Our team has tried to reverse engineer this and we’re doing our best to find a way to circumvent bans from being permanent. So for those using any kind of APK mods or IPA mods, I HIGHLY suggest you stop using them and utilize something more permanent like our Gem and RRC hack.

Although we have a slightest clue as to how this new implementation works, we’re quite a way from figuring it out. The best thing you can do as a user is to remove these patches and modifications from your phone before Racing Rival’s ban system detects your modified installation.

It’s not that Racing Rivals Unlimited Money and Gems APK mods are completely dead, because there are some very useful ones like auto launch. However, there are some that are just downright nasty and easy traceable by Racing Rivals. So if you’re using anything more dodgy than an autolaunch mod, delete it. Or else, you might find yourself in the same boat as this poor woman.

Don’t risk your vehicles, especially if you’ve been playing long-term. Instead, use our hack – it’s absolutely safe and has ZERO gimmicks. We’re completely free and community driven, so you can count on us to provide even in times when Racing Rivals releases nasty updates like the one we’ve experienced recently.