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Don’t you hate when you’re browsing the web in search for a cheat, only to find less than what you’re looking for? We at Racing Rivals Classified understand the nuisances of downloading hacks, especially because of how many fake exploits there are out there.

Spyware Free

Spyware is a VERY big deal for us at Racing Rivals Classified. Which is why we decided to implement AES-256 bit HTTPS encryption. So that all of our users feel safe browsing our website. Which not only provides comfort for new users, but provides actual safety! We take our users safety very seriously here.

Server Based

Not only is our website one of the safest websites – it actually does what it’s intended to do. Now, what we’re doing here isn’t magic. It’s something called SQLi, which is a method of breaching into a database with the intention to either read or change values.


Now, this is a Racing Rivals hack. It won’t do your homework for you. however, it will generate RRC/Gems at the click of a button. Our racing rivals hack is so intuitive, it even checks to see which exploits are working/not working and uses whatever solution is most fitting to your needs.

No Detection

When you’re using a spin glitch or a modded IPA/APK, not only are you generating logs that any administrator of staff can look through, you’re putting your hard earned vehicles, RRC and Gems at RISK. Which is why our hack is so preferred throughout the community. It leaves no trace – nothing that can be logged or reviewed.

How does this hack work?

Although our key points above practically discuss the majority of benefits in using our website, we decided to go in-depth due to the massive amount of requests we’ve received from both our fans and our new users. Although we cannot explain EXACTLY how our website backend works or what several methods of hacking we currently utilize in our online-hack, we CAN explain the basics, alongside of some minor specifics. Hopefully in doing so, it’ll paint out a picture for the skeptics and curious.

How do you hack a racing rivals account?

The process itself is quite simplistic for those who know a little bit about hacking or have some sort of hacking background. But for those that aren’t computer savvy, we’re going to try our best to explain this the best way we can.

Our hack uses more than several methods of SQL Injection, which is one of the most popular methods of hacking to this date. What this means is we have access to the main server that stores user variables such as the cars the user has in their garage, the RRC they have in their account, the Gems that they have in their account and the amount of races lost/won. Alongside of these small variables, there are some others that Racing Rivals haven’t revealed to the public. For their own privacy, we will not reveal these details.

What is SQL Injection?

An SQL injection attack consists of injecting SQL query data into a string to attack whatever website/application you desire. Not all websites are SQLi vulnerable, only a small majority of websites on the web are vulnerable to an attack like this. Even though a very small majority of websites can be SQL injected, many of these sites that are attacked are considered to be very large with more than several security exploits waiting to be found. The rule of thumb is, the bigger the website, the higher the security risk. Which is exactly the case for the game Racing Rivals.

When we inject the game database, essentially what we’re doing is submitting a URL-query to the database. Not only giving us access to read information that is stored in the database, but the ability to change information as well. The longevity of this kind of hack can be extremely long, especially if only a small majority of experts know how to perform it. At Racing Rivals Classified, we are a very small team of people and only 1/3 of us know exactly how to perform these hacks. Although SQLi is one of the methods we use to change variables in a Racing Rivals account, it is not the only method we currently utilize.

Can we get caught for using this hack?

There’s always a slight risk when using any kind of hack, whether online or offline. However, our team of experts have evaluated every method of obtaining footprints and have found that Racing Rivals has an extremely limited chance of discovering any hacks ever taking place. Although they utilize log files and have automated detection, we suspect that their limited amount of staff and extremely limited knowledge of exploits leads being detected to an astonishing low percentile of 0.8%. Although no user has ever reported our hack causing their account to close, it is those who abuse our system that usually get penalized. (Ebay RRC sellers, GEM traders)

We highly suggest that if you hack large quantities of RRC or Gems, to do so within moderation and do so randomly. Otherwise, you could unintentionally putting yourself and your account in harms way.

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Who created this racing rivals hack?

I would have to be lying if I said it weren’t a team effort. We all chipped in massive amounts of effort getting our website fully functional, alongside of automating the hack itself and creating something I would like to refer to as “cloud based”. For those that don’t know what that means, you can learn more about cloud based solutions here.

It’s been a stretch for all of us and we’ve had our ups and downs as a team, but these struggles are the very things that helped us come up with new and innovative techniques and strategies, not only to hack racing rivals, but to hack many games like it. It’s been a process and we’ve had some failures, but we’ve prevailed from them and definitely used them constructively to create more a better community and better more-stable hacks.